In today’s world buying a home is more involved than ever and working with a fulltime, full service broker is important to make sure that you realize your goal of maximizing your buying experience. Since 1985 The Ratliff Team has helped hundreds of buyers. Buying a home should be a positive experience.


Beginning with qualifying for financing, deciding what you want, educating you on the market and your best options, we are here to help you through every step of the process.


We have all heard of the horror stories; rest assured that with our professionalism and expertise, you will not have an experience like that. Our goal is for your buying experience to be the best experience for you. There are many steps to buying and we specialize in guiding you through them so you can make the best buying decision possible.


The Ratliff Team is a fulltime, full service brokerage that is committed to making your transaction successful. When you are ready to move,


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